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Tina Cohen-Chang [Glee]
Even though I'm painfully shy and obsessed with death, I'm a really effervescent person.

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Tina Cohen-Chang is a young Asian-American female of approximately seventeen years of age, featured on the TV series Glee. She is 5’2”, with brown eyes and very dark brown hair (often mistaken for black) that she likes to ‘liven up’ by putting in colorful streaks such as pink, blue, or purple. She has a primarily gothic style of dress, varying from punky to more Victorian style. She enters Haurvatat shortly after the events of the season two episode "Silly Love Songs".

mckinleyrewind: Glee S1 redux; Status of Comm unknown
beyondmckinley: Glee college-based RP, focused in New York City. Currently engaged to and living with Artie Abrams after two years of dating.
mckinleyvdalton: Glee S2 - partially AU, mix-and-matching bits of canon. Tike is no more, and after months of friendship and dancing around the issue, Artie and Tina are a couple again!
afterglee Post-high school, McKinley Glee members find their way back to Lima for varying reasons. Tina dropped out of Bard College after a bad social experience where conflict with her boyfriend led her being socially abandoned by her college friends. She's rekindling her old friendships back in Lima, especially with Artie.
gleesanatomy GLEE AU RP where the characters found their way into the medical field. Follow the shenanigans of William McKinley General! Tina's a rehab nurse

gleeathogwarts - Glee characters in an AU where they are among the next generation of students attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Tina is a 7th Year Ravenclaw as well as a Quidditch Chaser.


Arms Wide Open - Artina pregnancy PSL

Head Over Feet - Artina friends-with-benefits
Reunion!verse - Drawing from the Head Over Feet-verse, Artie & Tina have now decided to try a real relationship instead of just constantly sexing each other. And now they're reuniting with all their old friends.

Endgame is Endgame - Tina (PB Gong Li) is in her mid-thirties and happily married to Artie Abrams, about to celebrate the first birthday of their miracle son, Kevin. She very much wants a second child, but her husband's condition and her own body are an obstacle. Her envy for the multiple children her friends have (Sam and Quinn Evans, Noah and Lauren Puckerman, Brittany and Santana Lopez) doesn't help, either.

All above Artina Lovings with dancnwithmyself

Heart Too Hot to Hold - Puck/Tina (w/ jewhawk)
~A crazy, drunken Vegas-marriage befalls Puck and Tina when the New Directions take a weekend trip to the City of Sin. A night they hardly remember provides a very awkward and crazy morning-after for the two of them, including pregnancy worries and seeking an annulment. When they return to school, the experience has somehow formed a friendship between them, although the whole school is suspicious at the now-pals. Will it become something more?

Taking Chances - Rachel/Tina (w/ likebroadway)
~What began as two college friends sexually experimenting somehow turned into love along the way.

I Can Love You Better - Sam/Tina (w/ imthenewguy
~After a love affair of several years, Tina's finally left her husband Mike for her lover, Sam. She's been living in a motel until recently when she discovered she's pregnant, and has now moved in with Sam. Something that Mike's got wind of and isn't too happy about...

Passionate Kisses - Sam/Tina (w/ imthenewguy
~AU where Tina and Sam have found themselves dating after their Season 2 relationships went south.

Where the Heart Is - Sam/Tina (w/ dontcrysammy)
~Circumstances force Sam's family to move back to Tennessee, but he doesn't want to leave his friends. Tina offers her house's spare room, but her strict parents object. So Tina resorts to unusual methods and has Sam move into the attic above her bedroom, without her parents knowing.

Past Lives (More Perm. Name TBA) - Sam/Tina (w/ imthenewguy

Enchanted - Merlin/Glee crossover; Merlin + Tina (with hiddenwarlock
Ain't it Funny* - Puck/Tina with imnotalimaloser

*Name sounds good in my head, not cleared with the other RPer


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