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Ring, ring...

"Hey, y-you've reached Tina's cell. I c-c-can't come to the phone right now but
if you leave a message I'll be sure to get b-back to you
. Or send a text message, wh-whatever works
for you.  ..Though I'm not sure who will hear this besides Mom, Dad, and Artie.." *BEEP*

**Or put OOC in the subject if contacting mun; though PMs also acceptable**


OOC: Regarding "On My Way"

My god. That episode.

I can't even.

My Tina voice may be coming back, oddly enough... now I just need to find time between school work and ALL OF THE OTHER THINGS. -__-


OOC: Update

I've been sort of on an unofficial slow-atus lately due to school, and with finals coming up I've only had a few days to breathe, barely any mental capacity to tag. So please don't think I'm ignoring anything in verses, I read the stuff going on when I can, I just haven't been able to commit to tagging. Hopefully once winter break hits I can catch up. Please be patient with me?

Love you all,
Bri (Tina-mun)


OOC: LJ Addons Extension Help

I'm at home for the weekend and my mother's got a new computer that now I have to trick out with the stuff I need to enjoy my internet experience (especially when it comes to LJ), but I'm having a problem. The LJ Addons Extension (the one that has the little messages notification and such) no longer appears where I want it to - in fact, I can't FIND it even though I've definitely added it to Firefox.

Can anyone help?


Pimping because bored


OOC: Catch-up

So..... I was already a little slow on stuff due to being back in school, but this past weekend I was in a wedding that took up ALL my time. Bridesmaid duties and all, you know. So I'm super super behind. So, take this entry as a place to summarize what's going on verses, or to drop links to tags that I owe you.



OOC: For Connor!


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